10.003.4 Non Adjustable Impulse Generator 0.5sec 4mm


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generatore di impulso fisso



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Valve operation

It is a device which produces an impulse of fixed and not adjustable duration (very short, about 0.2 s).
When a signal is applied from a three way valve and maintained at port 1 the impulse generator is activated.
To repeat the cycle the pilot signal must be exhausted and applied again.

Technical data

  • Ports: ø4 push-in fittings
  • Temperature range: max +60°C
  • Working pressure: 2 … 10 bar
  • Fluid: 50µ filtered, lubricated or non lubricated air


  • Body: aluminium 11S
  • Seals: NBR
  • Springs: stainless steel
  • Internal parts: brass OT58