57.020.30.EX Pneumatic Timer N/C 20-300 Seconds Kuhnke ATEX


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Pneumatic Mini-Timers (57 Series) ATEX

Pneumatic Mini-Timers are a low cost alternative to the classic Kuhnke 54 series pneumatic clock type timer.

They are smaller, and ideal for use where short intervals need to be timed. Pneumatic Mini-Timers are 3/2 normally closed, open on time-out. Designed for panel mounting the Mini-Timer allows the pre-set time to be displayed together with the time elapsed, all beneath a clear cover. It is based on a clock mechanism.

The Mini-Timer has only two ports, using input port 1 as the control port (via internal connections). Exhaust air escapes through the body. There are 4 models for time ranges up to 300 seconds delay.

Setting the timer is easy. Use the control knob to set the required time delay. When air is supplied to port 1, the timer will start to operate. Time to 0 is displayed. On reaching 0 the timer operates and an output to port 2 is given. The valve remains in this condition until air to port 1 is removed, or pulsed to reset.


  • Short interval
  • Panel mounting with clip
  • Low cost
  • Compact
  • Easy to read dial
  • Easy pre-set
  • Only 2 M5 connections
  • Maintenance free
  • Light and durable
  • DIN mount accessories
  • Normally closed 3/2
  • 2-6 bar