AT.005.4 Vacuum Driven Liquid Spray Valve 4mm


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logoblu200This valve works on the venturi principial and is primarily used for air driven liquid spraying applications such as conveyor lubrication and sawing machines.



R = regulation of sprayed fluid
V = regulation of inlet air

Quantity of sprayed liquid (Q) in relation to line pressure (P) with screw V totally open

grafico quantità liquido aspirato


Technical data

  • Ports: push-in ø4
  • Temperature range: max +60°C
  • Working pressure: 3 … 8 bar
  • Liquid viscosity: 3°E … 5°E
  • Fluid: 50µ filtered, lubricated or non lubricated air


  • Body: aluminium 11S
  • Seals: NBR
  • Springs: stainless steel
  • Internal parts: brass OT58