ITP16 – ITP16-G – TEMPERATURE INDICATOR 22.5mm Mount with Output




The ITP16 is a temperature indicator for monitoring and control of industrial processes. This device has a compact, standardised design and fits into a standard 22.5 mm borehole for signal lamps. This provides quick and easy installation and many displays can be accommodated in a control cabinet door or on a panel.

This display features a digital output and a configurable analog input. The device can process linear voltage signals, signals from various RTDs (Pt100, Pt1000, and others) or thermocouples (K, J, and others). Before displaying, the input signal can be filtered if needed. There is also an optional square root function available. The NPN transistor output can control a load up to 200 mA / 42 V DC, which makes it possible to implement on-off control. This output can also be used as an alarm output.

The process indicator ITP16 supports an alarm function. If this function is on, the display starts blinking with the frequency of about 2 Hz when the process value exceeds the set points.

The device requires 24V DC auxiliary voltage. The enclosure provides the IP65 rating on the front and can be operated in the temperature range between -40 and +60 °C.

Functions and features:

  • – Measuring and displaying the signal values received from various RTDs and thermocouples (see Supported sensors)
  • – Linear voltage signal scaling
  • – Adjustable decimal point position
  • – ON/OFF control with an NPN output
  • – Display range -999…+9999
  • – Square root function (for special transmitters)
  • – Digital filter
  • – Alarm function (blinking when the exceeding set points)
  • – Error indication when exceeding the measuring limits
  • – Error indication when wire break or short circuit

Areas of application:

The temperature display ITP16 is particularly suitable for the fast and easy installation of visual display systems for various thermal processes. The ITP16’s compact size ensures that it can be used on-site as an additional display unit for measurement values or as part of a complex visual display system.

Power supply 24 (10…30) V DC
Power consumption, max. 1 W
Input 1
Input signal See Supported sensors
Sampling time 2 s
Accuracy ±(0.25% FS)
Temperature influence ≤ 0.2% / 10 °C
Input resistance
0-1 V, -50…+50mV ≥ 250 kohm
Output 1
Type NPN transistor
Loading capacity 200 mA, 42 V DC
Enclosure for panel mounting
Character height 14 mm
Dimensions 48 x 26 x 65 mm
Weight approx. 30 g
Ambient temperature -40…+60 °C
IP Code front IP65, rear IP20
Protection class III
Relative humidity up to 80% (at +35 °C, non-condensing)
Signal type Measurement range, °C Temperature coefficient, °C-1
RTD according to IEC 60751:2008
Pt50 -200…+850 0.00385
RTD according to GOST 6651
Cu50 -50 …+200 0.00426
50M -180 …+200 0.00428
50P -200…+850 0.00391
Cu100 -50 …+200 0.00426
100M -180 …+200 0.00428
100P -200…+850 0.00391
Ni100 -60…+180 0.00617
Cu500 -50 …+200 0.00426
500M -180 …+200 0.00428
500P -200…+850 0.00391
Ni500 -60…+180 0.00617
Cu1000 -50…+200 0.00426
1000M -180…+200 0.00428
1000P -200…+850 0.00391
Ni1000 -60…+180 0.00617
TC according to IEC 60584-1:2013
K –200…+1300
J –200…+1200
N –200…+1300
T –250…+400
S –50…+1750
R –50…+1750
B +200…+1800
A 0…+2500
TC according to GOST 8.585
L -200…+800
A-2 0…+1800
TC according to DIN 43710
L -200…+900
Linear signals
-50…50 mV 0…100 %
0-1 V
LED colorRTD input (PT100, PT1000, and others)TC input (K, J, and others)NPN-transistor output (400 mA, 42 V DC)ON/OFF controlpower supply 24 V DCGalvanic isolationeasy mounting in a Ø22.5 mm holequick mountingcompact designthe process display can be installed into a push-button boxaccuracy 0.2%IP65 rated enclosureCharacter height 14 mmAmbient temperature

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