KP080254 Logic Valve ‘AND’ Gate 4mm Push-in (Kelm made by AZ Pneumatica)


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logoblu200 AND element with push-in fittings


simbolo logico simbolo pneumatico


technical data

  • Ports: push-in fittings for ø4 tube
  • Nominal orifice: 2.5 mm
  • Nominal flow rate at 6 bar: 100 Nl/min
  • Temperature range: max +60°C
  • Working pressure: 2 … 10 bar
  • Fluid: 50µ filtered, lubricated or non lubricated air


  • Body: aluminium 11S
  • Seals: NBR
  • Springs: stainless steel
  • Internal parts: brass OT58


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