Male Threaded Adaptor


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The perfect method of connecting pipes.

When it comes to pipe connections, NORMACONNECT – the reliable solution that can be used with all kinds of different requirements, pipe materials and outer pipe diameters.
Our range of compression fittings allows fast and secure connection of polyethylene tubing for any industrial, commercial or domestic need.
NORMA Compression fittings exist in PN 10 and PN 16 and are made of polypropylene for high-and-low density polyethylene tubing, diameters 16 to 110.

Maximum service pressure:
PN 16 bar from diameter 20 to diameter 63.

PN 12.5 bar from diameter 75 to diameter 110.

Not for hot water applications.

NORMA products are made in factories certified under ISO 9001 Version 2008.
NORMA fittings are tested and approved according to these standards: ISO 14236 (Czech Republic). ITC (Poland): BS Standard 5114, AS / NZ 4129, AS 4020.
These products are not certified as compliant with international sanitary regulations for transport of potable water and liquid foods.

Safe and durable, fast and easily connected.
Perfect water tightness, locking nut for a clinching system.
Simple insertion of the tube in the fitting.
High resistance to temperature and ultraviolet shocks.


Watering: Residential, municipal, sport fields, golf courses.

Irrigation: Agriculture, horticulture, vineyards.

Industry: Compressed air.


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